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HNDevs empowers your teams with essential IT, Engineering, and Design resources to meet critical project deadlines. Predictable Talent Outsourcing enables you to confidently take on 3-6-9 month projects with zero risk. We offer AI-Talent Matchmaking and On-Platform Live Hour Tracking. Looking for a predictable talent partner?


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Skip the hiring stress. Our AI Matches Skills Like a Kung Fu Master. Forget the Hunt, welcome the AI Talent Hunter.

Forget Resumes, We See the Whole Picture

Our AI ditches the fluff, analyzing skills, experience, even coding style to find your perfect tech match.

Tech Skills Are Awesome, But We Go Deeper

We consider time zones, languages, and more to build a dream team with seamless collaboration, no matter where they're from.

Global Talent, Local Fit

Location is no barrier! We match you with top tech talent worldwide, finding the perfect fit for your project and team culture.


Data-Driven Decisions

We use project details, candidate data, even HackRank scores to create personalized matching scores, so you can prioritize the best talent.

Matching Scores Made Easy

We put the "fair" in staff augmentation. See a clear breakdown of each candidate's matching score for confident team building.

Stuck? Our AI Assistant Is Here to Help

Need a hand crafting a job description or have questions about a match? Our AI assistant has your back. It's your friendly guide to a smooth experience.

AI Powered Team Growth


Deep Skill Dive

AI Matchmaking

Our AI analyzes beyond resumes, assessing technical skills, experience, and coding style for a precise match.

Project Perfect

We factor in project needs, team dynamics, and communication preferences for high-performing, well-matched teams.

Always Learning

Our AI continuously learns from project outcomes and feedback, refining recommendations for an ever-better match.

24/7 AI Assistant

Stuck posting a job? Our AI assistant provides real-time support for a smooth staff augmentation experience.

Meet Our A+ Team: The Teammates of Endless Growth

This A+ team doesn't just help get the job done; they elevate your projects to the realm of endless growth. Welcome to the crew where innovation, collaboration, and success are second nature.

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